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​Riding Away Stigma                                     

      Mission Statement:

    This summer I will embark on a solo bike ride from Montreal, QC to Halifax, NS (1,340km). A challenging commitment for anyone. Being a brain injury survivor makes this personal journey even more arduous and rewarding.  My intention is to raise donations for agencies to help enhance awareness for all people impacted from brain injury and/or mental health issues.  Infused with personal stories, this campaign's focus is to emphasize educating those who silently suffer and those who stand alongside them.  Only with perseverance, inner strength, and your support, will this task reach fruition.  Because by working together, we will be RIDING AWAY STIGMA!


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Please follow along on Lori's Facebook for pictures and up to date photos. The link is above on the right.
 Hi folks,

Working on the road and not with my own equipment is hard getting used to so please bear with us.

Day 1 of the Ride for Awareness

10:00AM July 13th
Ride began at 911 Rue Jean-Talon downtown Montreal and after the wrong turns, construction, signs in french, etc. Lori made it out of Montreal and all the way to Granby to greet her entourage. The arrival was 6:45PM

Day 2 of the Ride for Awareness

Granby - Richmond, starting some uphill climbs Lori will be travelling NE on Quebec Highway #137.                                        We arrived at the "Tim Horton's" in Richmond around 1:30PM and Lori pulled in around 4:15. She wanted to ride on to Princeville but was not allowed to due to the fact that her entouage was too tired from rideing in the RV all day. We no sooner got set up in a nice campground in Melborne and the rains came, and came. 

Day 3 of the Ride for Awareness

July 15th, 2015                                                                                Richmond - Princeville, cold start for the day then got sunny and mild but today Lori's big challenge was the heavy winds and uphill terrain. Her comment to the author was "I HAD TO PADDLE DOWNHILL". The entourage had a very hard day as well swating flies in the RV as they waited for Lori to catch up in Victoriaville at the "Tim Horton's". (Wish we had shares in Tim Horton's since they are getting a good share of our $.) Guess we're getting our $ back though using their Wii-Fi.

Day 4 of "Riding for Awareness"

Princeville – Levis, Lori got off a little late but of course the entourage was on time. Roads we busy but Lori was able to use the bike trails and we mad good time. "Rusty" performed well but was running a bit hot so our driver came up with the brilliant idea to turn on the heater and fan. It helped to keep the engine running a lot cooler but now our driver is complaining about his toes burning because he is wearing sandals. Maybe tomorrow he will smarten up a bit and wear shoes! We got into our Walmart camping site around 3:30 and Lori pulled in around 5:00.

Day 5 of "Riding for Awareness"

Levis – St. Jean-Port-Joli, Lori got away a bit late because someone forgot to charge her phone she attaches to her bike which also is attached to her hand so we had to wait until it was fully charged. Just can't get good entourage help these days. Ride was straight up Hwy 132 today which has a fairly wide bike paved shoulder. We got into "---- Joli" to a nice campsite right on the river called "Demi-Lieue", a bit pricey but beautiful view of the St. Lawrence River around 3:00 and Lori pulled in around 5:00. 

Day 6

St Jean-Port-Joli - St. Antonin, got away a tad late because of the weather. It said 60% rain and we spent 60% of our time in Rusty and 40% on the road but actually the 40% was pretty wet as well. The entourage got away even later due to doing the bike rider's (Lori) laundry. What troopers they are. They then raced ahead to Neri where they bought her majesty a chili cheeze bun and fries lunch. Raced ahead again to St. Antonin and found a great campsite, "Chez Jean", where they set up camp and waited on Lori who almost didn't make it do to a spill going across a set of railway tracks and almost getting hit by a following car. It was a close call and we are supremely grateful she is being watched out for by higher powers.

Day 7 of "Riding for Awareness" 

St. Antonin - St. Louis du Ha Ha, Lori climbed the Appalachan's today all the way to "Ha Ha", that's french for "lol"and now was heading downhill so she coasted into Cabano about 12K further. The entourage had arrived in Cabano much earlier and had found a great campsite, leveled the RV (Rusty), set up camp, put beer into cooler. They had to return to Honoure earlier from St Louis du Ha Ha because her financial adviser had forgot to give her money for lunch so they prepared a delicious meal for her on the road (tuna salad sandwich and chips) before proceeding on to Cabano.

Day 8 of Ridng for Awareness

St Louis du Ha Ha - Edmunston, the entourage pulled into Edmunston shortly before Lori and updated the website, located a super spot in the "Tim Hortons" parking lot. We camped outside Edmunston at a provincial park which had all emenities so the entourage was able to do all the laundry, wash down Lori's bike for her, etc., etc. Edmunston was so pretty we decided to tour around and have a break day.

Day 9 of Riding for Awareness

Edmunston - Perth Andover, Lori got away around 9 and the entourage a tad later. They still aren't used to the hour we lost the other day.

Lori beat us into Tim's at Grand Falls but the entourage was still able to prepare Lori a great bowl of chili and a delicious bun. Even though the cooking staff had called in late in the morning she was now back on track, so we let her have a 2 hour shopping trip at the Walmart. We then proceeded on to Perth-Andover.

Day 10 of "Ride for Awareness"

Perth-Andover – Hartland, Lori got away on time and the entourage was shortly behind. They passed Lori on the road waving and the video staff took some shots as they flew by. The entourage needed a break do to the wicked pace Lori keeps setting so they snuck a break at a fair in Florence-Bristol but Lori caught up and everyone was under way again. The entourage made it into Hartland, picked up groceries and was able to shoot some pictures of the worlds largest covered bridge. Lori caught up again and enjoyed stealing the entourages meal of french fries and onion rings on the beautiful St. John River. We camped at Cozy Cabin's south of Woodstock because Lori wanted to push on further since she said she wasn't even close to being tired. Ran into some rain today but not enough to stop Lor!

 ​Day 11 of Riding for Awarenes​

Hartland – Fredericton, Wow !!!! what a day. This was Lori's hardest day so far. She battled winds all day and uphill most of the way. But even more devastating was the hour and a half she had to go without her appendage (cell phone). She dropped it downtown Fredericton walking across the street where we took her bike for some repairs and a tune up. We fired the entire kitchen staff today as it was the 3rd day in a row she reported in late for work but we had to hire her back because she threatened to throw our photo equipment out the RV window. It was a good decision to hire her back because she also doubles as our photographer and with our only camera gone she would have nothing left to do. Tomorrow proves to be a better day as Halifax is getting closer.

Day 12 of Ride for Awareness

Fredericton – Chipman, got away later on as we had to go back downtown Fredericton to pick up Lori's bike which was ready at the same time we pulled out of our superstore Walmart campsite. Today was a long run and a lot of rough roads for trusty Rusty until our overnight stop at TnT Campound. Weather has been cool but the entourage has not complained just the bike rider. Tomorrow it's off to Moncton on #112 all the way.

Day 13 of Ride for Awareness

Chipman – Moncton, Started out around 11:00 after breaking camp and finishing the laundry. The entourage raced along ahead to wait for Lori at New Canaan Baptist Church on highway #106. Where Lori caught up in about an hour. We drove on and Lor biked on to Salisbury where the entourage did the grocery shopping. We spent the night at a beautiful cottage on Shediac Bay with a beautiful lady "Sarah". Thanks for your hospitality and donation to OBIA.

Day 14 of Ride for Awareness

July 27th, Monday

Moncton - Springhill, We left the Tim Hortons in Moncton around 9:30 heading down HWY 2 (4 lane - very fast). The entourage was terrified with Lori ridng on the big highway but Lori just said I feel safer than some of the cow paths we have been taking. If you listened close you could hear the cheif CEO saying yeah and you fly alot farther when you get hit by a semi, God forbid. We stopped in Sackville where the cook prepared a nutricious lunch when Lori got there (turkey sandwich on rye). The entourge raced on while Lori draged her but behind to Springhill which is actually on a bunch of big hills. They also found a perfect campsite beside the community centre in a vacant tar and gravel lot which we found out later that nite was mosquito infested.

2nd Last Day Horaay!

Springhill - Truro, Rain rain and then some heavy rain was the menu for today. Pulled out of Ann Murrays home town around 9. She wasn't around to see us off but of course the cook had made Lori her breakfast an we had alot of K's to make up so we all took off up #142 to the big highway and then to #4 to Truro. We stopped on the roadside and the cook prepared a beautiful lunch of Tristkits and dip for the hungry girl. What a trouper she is, the cook I mean! Finally, after a few miss-turns and some quick manouvers we pulled into Scott Pines Campgrounds and set up camp and of course waited on Lori to get here. She pulled in around 3:35. Tomorrow is the big day, join us on the pier around 4:00 - sort of depends on what time we can get her up, dressed, etc., and pushed out of the RV, oh yeah and fed, what a trouper, the cook I mean!!

Last Day Arrival

Truro to HALIFAX

We left the campsite "Scott Pines" shortly after Lori and after catching up and having a quick roadside lunch the entourage raced into Halifax where they proceeded to get lost for about 3/4's of an hour and finally made it to Pier 21. Lori arrived to the cheers and applaud of friends and family around 4:45. What a ride and what achallenge and what a great girl. 

                                    SHE DID IT !!!!!!!!

Great job Lori and congratulations, we love you!